Vascular diseases

Multiple and sometimes severe and life-threatening vascular diseases can effectively and minimally invasively be treated by interventional radiological methods.

Oncological diseases

Interventional oncology is a relatively young and fast-growing part of interventional radiology. The embolization of tumors, in particular, is performed more and more frequently. It can be done as a single treatment or in combination with surgical therapy, for example, in highly vascularized tumors.

Benign diseases

Multiple benign diseases can be treated by interventional radiology methods. The embolization of uterine fibroids in patients with symptomatic uterine fibroids is highly effective and minimally invasive, as is prostate embolization in patients with symptomatic benign prostate hyperplasia.

Pain management

Interventional radiological pain management includes modern, highly effective, and safe imaging methods, such as CT and ultrasound. It is effective in different parts of the body.

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