First Workshop on Prostate-Embolisation in Patients with BPH in Austria

Together with my urological partner Prof. Dr. Markus Margreiter and my colleague Ass. Prof. Dr. Richard Nolz we performed the first workshop on Prostate Artery Embolisation (PAE) in Patients with BPH (=benign prostate hyperplasia) in Vienna. The workshop was supported by one of our industry partners, Boston Scientific.

On the first day the participants from Switzerland, Germany and Austria learned about the theoretical background of the PAE procedure, the highly relevant anatomy of the arterial supply of the prostate as well as a step-by-step approach of this procedure.

On the second day the participants attended two PAE procedures. Both interventions were technically very demanding, nevertheless they could be finished successfully without complications.

The ambitious aim of this workshop was to enable the participants to perform a PAE procedure on their own in their respective institution. Because of the very positive feedback of the participants after the workshop we are sure that this aim was achieved successfully. We will keep you updated!!


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